• Fiona Alwora


Updated: Aug 13

I wrote this poem one week when an old flame friended me on social media. We didn't end on the best of terms but it was long enough ago that I am well past the drama of those days. Whatever I may have felt at the time has faded and softened in empathy and I am now just curious about the person he's become.

I find myself curious about a lot of unfortunate associations I've had over the years, romantic or not. I'll admit that I occasionally wonder if the karma truck made it to their neighborhood, but I have evolved enough to connect the dots back to my own mistakes as well.

As for my old flame, he found Jesus and got married. We don't speak aside from laughing at the occasional meme, which is just fine with me. I am in the best relationship I've ever had and I couldn't be happier. I wish this on everyone I've known.

Well...almost everyone.


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