• Fiona Alwora

Bubble Bath

When I was very young, I would take a bubble bath every chance I got. I loved sitting in the warm water surrounded by all this sweet smelling froth (usually green apple). I loved challenging myself to make bigger bubbles and thicker foam that would practically engulf my little body. In true introvert fashion, I created a whole dream world for myself during the hour or so that I was in the water.

I would make believe that those bubbles were magic portals and I could see into the future. I created elaborate stories about what it would be like to be a grown up and all the things I would do once I didn't have to ask permission from anyone.

Sometimes, if there was a significant event in my life, good or bad, I would 'commit to memory' and 'broadcast out' to my future and past self in the hopes that I could affect my reality somehow.

I was listening to an interview Oprah had with Will-I-Am where he talks about a similar thought. I can't recall the specific words he used but at its root, the idea is that he is always beaming all his best ideas to his past self to help him progress in his creative and professional life, kind of like being an active participant in your own memory instead of a passive one.

This may sound crazy to some, but with the very limited understanding humanity has of relative time and dimensional space, this idea resonates deeply for me. It reminded me of this odd thing I used to do too.

As far as I know, there isn't a concrete way to change the past, but I love the thought that there are versions of me out there sending back helpful psychic messages as I try to figure out how to get through life. It is just as comforting to me now as it was when I was eight.


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