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In the too-many years I have had access to social media, the comment section has continued to devolve. There is very little neutral ground left to stand on unless we're talking pets and wildlife, and even then, there's always that one person. This approach is insidious, creeping outwards to everything from media reporting to how we speak to each other.

In the bid to make commentary more impactful language has turned vicious. It's about person A destroying/taking down/slamming person B, and all the backlash and fallout.

I refuse to blame outlets entirely. They only sell what an audience is willing to buy, and it turns out what sells even better than sex is rage.

I've gotten pretty good about not responding when I see people losing their minds over a post, but I can't always look away. My infinite curiosity is always pulling me into some reply chain that, if I'm completely honest, only serves to make me feel worse about whatever situation they are arguing about.

It doesn't matter who 'wins the argument' because the levels of visceral disgust are so overwhelming and disheartening. It's an exhausting habit I'm trying to break.

At the end of the day, no good ever comes from arguing with the ones who disagree with you. It comes from cooperating with people who do.

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