• Fiona Alwora

Entry Level

Updated: Aug 13, 2020

The one thing a lot of us have in common in the COVID era is uncertainty about work. When all this started, I was in the travel industry which was one of the first areas of the economy hit heavily by the realities of quarantine and the dangers of public gathering. I'm still in employment limbo, and having to evaluate the possibility of changing careers from something I have been doing my whole adult life to an entry level role in something else entirely can be daunting. I love to write, and while the market for that is virtually limitless, it's hard to find your footing where you've never stepped before.

Applying for new opportunity feels like playing old school video games where if you don't make it past the 'boss' at the end, you have to replay the whole level from the start. Submission after submission, story after story.

I know this isn't unique to me. Every artist creates with the understanding that there very well

may be no audience for it, but they do it anyway - compelled helplessly forward.

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