• Fiona Alwora

Namastrange - A Thought Experiment

Updated: Aug 13, 2020

The month of June was a turning point in many ways. I wrote Namastrange in May, but it wasn't until after the death of George Floyd and the protests that I understood I had to take a leap immediately. I gave up a relatively safe but boring job that I had done for several years to find my place in the world as a writer.

As the world unfolds, and in some ways falls apart, my job as a writer is to imagine the next thing. That begins with me. In this poem I tell you a little about me as a human and give you a chance to reflect on who you would be if there wasn't an outside world for you to react to.

Who are you at the core when you peel away the layers of protection and self doubt? What happens when you strip away the critical and sometimes cruel voices in your mind? In other words, what is it about yourself that makes you happy? What would be true of you regardless of the circumstances?

In the fraught times we are walking through, it can be hard to remember that we still have a right to joy in whatever small ways we can give it to ourselves and each other. I hope we never lose sight of that.

The quirk in me recognizes the quirk in you.

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