I published my book (which I would now call a chapbook) in May of 2019 (affiliate link above). The process was like nothing I had ever been through in my life. I cried as I pushed the submit button because it felt so monumental.


Fast forward a year and I can think of so many things I would change and so many ways I have changed in the single year since I wrote it but I resist the urge to edit for one simple reason. It is a snapshot of who I was and what I needed at the time. I got to say all the things I didn't think I was allowed to say for most of my life and the sky didn't fall and lightning didn't strike. That has given me courage. 

As I get more confident and gather more technique as a writer, I think it will be great to have a point of reference for myself and/or my readers of where I was at the time.

If you've made it this far into my writing - the website, the podcast, the show notes - chances are you will be able to appreciate the book as well. It's short and to the point. What it lacks in polish, It makes up for in heart.



I love everything about words - their construction, their power to change minds and move people. I was the kind of kid who read the dictionary for fun, and to me, here are few more satisfying feelings than finding just the right word for a given moment. It's like a puzzle we're perpetually solving with each other. I think it's why most people find themselves rehashing arguments days or weeks later, when they finally find that 'checkmate' phrase. It's also the reason many people rehearse difficult and important conversations.


In addition to the clear benefit of self expression that words bring to my world, they have been a tool for self discovery and therapy. I believe the world would benefit from more people finding their way to writing.  

As any writing guide book will tell you, the two things you need to do to thrive are to read and write consistently. I would add that you need to find your own 'on' switch. There are certain things I've come across that will consistently fuel me in my writing process, if only I remember to do them. They give me that rush in the moment, a spark that gets me going. Sometimes it's other writers or poets, podcasts, shows, music etc. Sometimes it's so specific, I can link back a poem that emerged almost fully formed in response to my experience of a certain song or podcast episode.


The point of this site, of my book, and the podcast is to explore writing - to learn and grow and to give anyone who's interested a chance to follow along and watch it happen.

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